First painting for auction

This year I will be participating in the 2009 Pasadena Chalk Fest (pictures after the event), and every year all artists are required to submit a painting for a silent auction. For various reason every year I seem to be unable to submit a finished canvas, so this year I made an effort and I am submitting my first oil painting. This painting will be the first painting that ever put up for sale, if you want to call the auction a sale. All proceeds will go to the Light Bringer Project, which is a non-profit arts organization.

From all the drawing, paintings and sketches I’ve done, the number of pieces I’ve given away I can count on one hand. I get too attached to my stuff and don’t seem to want to let it go. The painting I did for this auction was a recreation of the larger “Mother and Child” painting I’ve done in the past. This painting for the auction is only 12″ x 12″. Here are some photos:

Painting for Auction
Here I am painting. This photo was taken a few months ago, when I was working on a separate project, but this is essentially what I look like every time I paint. I usually wake up really early on a weekend and paint for about 3 hours.

auction painting Henry Colchado
Unfortunately I was not able to take photos of the painting process. For this painting I did about 3 layers, first I apply a coat of the basic colors, blue and orange, then let it dry, then I apply a second coating and begin adding the outline and gradation. The last step is all the details. I have to wait for the painting to dry for a few days every time.

auction painting Mother and Child
I get a little nervous when I do the outline in black or white, because if I make a mistake it will get smudged with the other colors. In the end I can always paint over or try to blend it, but its just more work.

auction mother child close up
Here’s a close up of the face. I try not to worry about what colors to use or if the image will look like a real face. As long as I have some indication that it’s a face and there are some shadows to indicate that, I’m happy with it.

auction painting signature
I’m now comfortable with adding my signature on my paintings, I’ve only started doing that about a year or so. If I know a painting can use more fixes I hold off on putting my signature.

auction - mother and child painting
And here’s the final painting temporarily hanging on my wall. I added a layer of clear coating to make it look shinier and protect the paint. It took me about 8 hours to complete this 1’x1′ painting.

I’m pretty happy with the final results and feel good about putting this painting up for auction. I believe the silent auction starts at $5. If no one bids, I’m buying it back. Ja! Remember all proceeds go to a fundraiser. If you’re interested in bidding for this item you will have to attend the 2009 Pasadena Chalk Festival in Paseo Colorado on June 20-21, 2009. Hope to see you there.

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