Painting 101

I’ve began painting again. Well, I’ve never actually painted, I just put acrylic paint on some material, I guess you can call it painting. I’m nowhere close to being good, I just like to draw as a hobby. It’s my way of escaping the computer and TV, and getting back to basics. I like to draw (for now), simple objects, that portray some image and hopefully some emotions. I specially like the use of lots of color and texture. I like paintings to look like paintings (as opposed to photographic images). I think the more paintings I do the better I will get. This is just my start.

I used to like putting reprints of my favorite artists artwork on my walls, mainly Dali. Now, I preffer to put either my work or some artist’s original work. I stopped liking reprints, maybe because you can’t appreciate the texture on a reprint.

I have also done some other crafty drawings. By crafty I mean I used different media. Mostly markers, color pencils, glue and lots of color paper cut-outs. You can see one of them on one of the pictures below.

Finished painting Musicos
I finally finished my first painting!. I hadn’t touched a painting brush since I worked in an Elementary School, that was back in 1998

Sketch 1 Painting 101
Here is the first sketch for this painting. This is a very rought draft. Almost all of my drawings start this way, with a simple doodle.

Sketch 2 Painting 101
After many sketches, this was one I was happy with. These sketches take about 1 to 3 minutes to make. They serve as a quick way for me to know how I want to balance the drawing.

Painting musicos stained glass
Many drawings I’ve done usually look like stained glass. At least it’s easy to paint.

Painting close up musicos
Close up of the painting already finished. Checkout the bad detail. I’m not affraid to pile on the paint.

Painting Musicos Details
Detail. I’m also not afraid to get out the lines or to make mistakes. I actually like for the painting to look imperfect. If I wanted a perfect drawing I could have done it on Adobe Illustrator.

Paintings on wall
This is what it looks like on my wall. As you can see, I have room to put some other stuff there.

Painting Finished
The final piece! It’s for sale en eBay! just kidding. I don’t plan on selling any of this stuff.