Painting – Colorful Flower (acrylic)

It’s been years since I’ve used acrylic paints. I wanted to get back to something simple and familiar in regards to the concept, but also wanted use this opportunity to explore the qualities of acrylic paints. I decided to recreate a drawing I sketched on a previous post. This would allow me to reinterpret the original idea but in a different medium and a larger canvas.

The original idea for this painting came for this design, highlighted on a previous post.

Sharpie art - original drawing - markers on photo paper

As usual, I began with a direct sketch onto the canvas using acrylic paint. No guidelines, no pencil drawings, just a simple sketch to get the layout going.

Henry Colchado - Flower Sketch

I continued enlarging the lines, adding color variations to see what would work best. From the beginning I wanted this painting to have many colors. This canvas is 16″x20″.

Flower painting - acrylic -  first layer Acrylic painting - abstract flower

I decided the background for this painting would be mostly white with light color swirls. I’ll be honest, I decided on this light color background because I had just purchased a large tube of white paint and I wanted to see how it would hold up with various colors.

Flower painting

I continued adding colors but was still not happy with the results. The lines were too thick and there was not enough contrast.

Flower painting - Henry Colchado - second layer

Acrylic painting - close up

After adding a few more shades of light and dark colors the painting began looking more complete. I added my signature and finished the last details.

Colorful flower painting - acrylic

Acrylic painting - Colorful Flower - Henry Colchado

Framed Painting - colorful flower

I found a nice frame and decided to mount it on a wall near my office.

Painting on wall - Colorful Flower

This painting was done using all acrylic paint. I found this paint to be nice to work with as it dried in no time and it made painting fun. I’m still undecided if I prefer oil paint over acrylic, but I can see myself doing more acrylic works as there is no need to wait up to a week for the canvas to dry. This paint dried in less than a few hours, and layering it was easy. I hope you enjoyed this painting. Till’ next time.