Painting – Fish Eye (one)

This is my favorite object. I call it Fish Eye. I’ve done many drawings and sketches of it. This is the first time I put the Fish Eye on canvas and oil paint. I usually sketch it then outline it and fill it with ink. One of my friends got a tattoo of it the back of her neck. I will ask her for a picture when I see her. The theme of Fish Eye is always underwater, sometimes swimming in parallel with other Fish Eyes. On this painting I focused on the objects, the movement, and the shadows. I’m pretty happy with this one. I think I’m getting better at this.

Painting Fisheye one sketch
Sketch for this painting, but I have many sketches of the main object.

Painting fisheye one two layers
I didn’t get any pictures of the work in progress. Here is the final painting. I used two layers of paint for this one.

Painting fisheye one straight forward
There is some glare on the picture, some areas are still drying. Oil paint takes about 2 weeks to begin to dry.

Painting Fisheye close up oil paint
A close up. You can see all the brush strokes. I like the way those brush strokes look. It gives the painting some texture.

Painting fisheye one close up fish
A close up of ‘Fish Eye’

Painting fish eye one finished on wall
The final painting, it’s on my wall.

3 thoughts on “Painting – Fish Eye (one)

  • hi Henry Colchado, this is really interesting… i have also been obsessively drawing and painting what i call my “flying eye fish” they are surrealist paintings of eyes with fins and a tail, flying in the sky. its so amazing how two people can have similar ideas. im an artist based in new zealand and have been looking for similar stuff to my own works, just because its interesting to see other peoples interpretations of similar ideas. i love playing with symbols and imagery of body organs to create new meaning. i was so pleased to see your work. best of luck for the future!
    jasmine, new zealand.

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