Painting – Flower (one)

Finally I had a chance to continue my paintings. I know, I’m not great, or even good, but painting keeps me away from the computer and focused on a fun project. I will continue uploading more projects as I finish them. This painting, called “Flower One”, is a drawing of a flower, mixed with a tree, mixed with the sun. I’ve been drawing simple flowers for a long time. I will hopefully continue painting some real-looking flowers, with more details.

Flower one Sketch one
Sketch done back in 2000. I have many of these. This original sketch was done with Prismacolor color pencils

Flower one simple pencil sketch
A simple sketch of a flower. This is my favorite one, with five siddes, and sharp edges. This sketch was also done about that time, around 2001

Flower one Sketch on canvas
Here’s the first sketch on canvas. The canvas size is 11 x 14 inches

Flower one first layer of paint
finished putting the first layer. On this particular painting I put about 3 or 4 layers of paint.

Flower one final piece
The final piece. It no longer looks like a flower, but more like a sun, or some weird sun-looking thing.

Flower One Finished on wall
Here’s up on my wall, next to my other paintings.

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15 thoughts on “Painting – Flower (one)

  • I love your site and the way you describe the process of making your artwork. Even though you planned to make it look like a particular flower and it turned out to look different than your plan, it proves that it is true art. Your final painting is beautiful.

  • wow you underestimate yourself, your drawings and paintings are wonderfull i wish i had such talant as you have

  • I love the way the flowers are drawn they are soo cool and i would love to draw like that when im older because i am studying art now and i really love it everyone says i am fantastic at drawing and i just love it i draw all the time thnaks


  • youve got talent mabey you should challenge your self a little more find out what you can do and your color choice is beautiful.

  • oh! what a nice painting……..
    I really love your drawings….
    What a very good talent you have……
    keep up the good work!!!!

  • I too painted something simalar to that but it didnt come out to well
    cause im not good at tinting the colors

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