Painting – Mother and Child

Another Painting completed. This time I went back to the fun, bright colors. With a theme everyone is familiar with – the classic “mother and child”. This theme has been done throughout history, starting with the most popular mother and child, Jesus and Mary. Many painters have done this theme their own way, and this is my take on it. It began with a simple sketch in my head, based on similar painting I saw in a gallery, but of course I used my own technique, colors and characters. I’m pretty happy with the final results. I even added my name on this painting. This is the first time I sign a finished painting.

mother child pencil sketch
This sketch was done on a 6.5″ x 6.5″ sketch pad. It was a rough idea, but I wanted to incorporate the swirls and stars.

mother child sketch on canvas
I got started and began painting the fist layer right on canvas, with no pencil drawings to guide me. I used light layers of paint for the initial sketch. The canvas is 24″ x 18″.

mother child painting first layer of paint
With the first layer of paint completed, I let the painting dry for a few days to add a second and third layer of paint. The second and third layers are for brighter colors, more details and better paint texture.

mother child painting sky
The next day of painting I worked on the sky, adding different shades of blue and giving the sky a light swirl effect along with some gradient effects and faded stars.

mother child painting line details
At this stage the painting was almost complete. I added more orange and red shades, and defined the lines. I also began sharing a few photos with friends for feedback. I felt it needed a bit more contrast, but I was getting closer to a final stage.

mother and child painting on wall
And here is the final painting. I added darker lines and a white border for additional contrast. It helps separate the colors, but also helps the painting pop-out.

mother and child painting with signature
For the first time, I felt bold enough to add my last name to the painting.

oil painting close up
Here’s a close up of the painting. I try to keep the shapes simple, but try to get details on the shading.

mother child on canvas
And this is the final piece. I was able to find a nice frame on sale, but still, the frame costs as much as the  materials used in the painting. Not a bad investment to make any room look colorful.

Hope you enjoyed the painting. Till next time.

20 thoughts on “Painting – Mother and Child

  • Nice painting, cheerful colors, bright stars i the sky is v. good idea. for simplicity and subject 5stars.
    Thanks for sharing the steps.


  • Nice Painting, color choice and very beautifully u hav given shades. Add ur other paintings also. I want to see.

  • i like the concept the mother with her child. color was very nicely painted
    the most beautyful part was shining stars and sky and ……

  • wow. . . ang cool ng paintings mo. . . and i really appreciate it. . simple but i was really touch, because like you im sure i also love my mother more than my life. . your great, nice job!! god bless

  • this is such a beautiful painting . it gives me a sense of calmness when i look at it.

  • fabulous paintings man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    these helped me a lot……………………………..


  • the first impression which i got after seeing this painting was …a mother protecting her child ….It is really bful

    • Hi. I don’t remember the exact colors, but yes one of them was probably Cadmium Yellow. Since this was one of my first oil paintings I likely used whatever basic colors came in a starter set. This is probably the reason why the majority of my first paintings use primary colors. Good luck with your projects.

  • Wow…you beautifully made this painting….simple and attractive,great combination of colours.

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