Pasadena Chalkfest 2006

Every summer, in June, the City of Pasadena hosts an annual chalk street art festival. My good friend Ender (Josh) and I have participated in the last three years. In our first year, back in 2004, the event was called Absolut Chalk, as it was primarily sponsored by Absolut (vodka makers). The event consists of hundreds of artists and art lovers who for two days, Saturday and Sunday, spend all day creating murals on the concrete floor, using primarily chalk, or pastels. Every year we try push our skills a little more, creating larger pieces, or more intricate and detailed artwork.

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Sorry. completely forgot to attach these next four images to the email. Here they are:

Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2004
Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2004

Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2005
Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2005

Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2006
Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2006 (1 of 2)

Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2006 (2 of 2)
Pasadena Chalkfest Street Art 2006 (2 of 2)

And now back to our regularly scheduled story…

This year I primarily wanted to create a very colorful piece, but the decision on what to create is finalized by both. This piece is not an original artwork, it is by Simon Silva, and it is called “Amor a todas horas”. I had seen a reprint of this painting many times, as it is very popular on my wife’s side of the family. Three households have the same print.

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - chalk pieces
All chalk pieces start this way, with a basic grid, a small sample print, and gathering similar colors in piles

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - stacks of colors
Check out the stacks of colors all around.

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006- other artist around
There are many artists around me. It’s inspiring to see other people’s artwork all around. They also have live music both days, that helps.

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - We get free chalk
The event provides us with chalk, drinks, and a free t-shirt. I got this one back in 2004

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - Sunday morning
This is day 2, Sunday. the work is almost finished.

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - Ender and I working on the mural
Here is Ender and I working on the piece. We both worked on the project equally. Taking breaks every now and then. It was a hot day.

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - Looking sharp
Looking sharp with my ”gilligan’s” hat

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - Close up
A close up of the drawing. My theory is, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be strong and bold.

Pasadena Chalkfest 2006 - Finished
We finished it! We got really good comments from the people passing by.


I took so many photographs of people’s works of art, it was very difficult for me choose a few of my favorites. Here they are:

Pasadena Chalkart - female figure
The detail and shading on this drawing is amazing

Pasadena Chalkart 2006 - compiled photographs
This one’s cool. I like the effect of the compiled photographs.

Pasadena Chalkart 2006 - watercolors
I like this one, specially because they made chalk look like water colors!

Pasadena Chalkart 2006 - 3d street art
I saw this one from the start to the end. The 3D effect is really well done.

Pasadena Chalkart 2006 - mayan art
Another favorite. Very simple design, yet extremely well executed.

Pasadena Chalkart 2006 - finished mural - simon silva
And the final piece. We’ll be back 2007!

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