Painting – Calavera

Here’s my tribute to the “Dia de los muertos” (Day of the dead) celebration. I decided to make a painting imitating the style and theme, which is popular in the Mexican culture. This painting, like my other paintings is colorful and with a simple theme. Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1st in memory relatives and friends who have passed away. This holiday is celebrated not only in Mexico, but in different countries. (Not in Peru)

Painting Calavera Sketch
Sketch for the painting. I did a few web searches to follow the look and feel for this painting.

Painting Calavera Canvas Sketch
First I began with a pencil sketch, then outline with a Sharpie marker

Calavera Painting First Coat of Paint
I apply a first coating of paint, usually flat colors at first.

Painting Calavera Face Close up
Close up of the face. I wanted the face to look funny and very cartoonish

Painting Calavera completed colorful
Here’s the completed piece, with lots of bright colors.

Painting Calavera blended colors
I attempted to blend some colors and use gradients to give the painting some depth

Painting Calavera Close up paint
Close up – I’m not affraid to mess things up. I pile on the paint, I paint out of the sketched lines, and use different colors on top of other colors.

Painting Calavera on wall
The painting completed. Being displayed on my wall.

3 thoughts on “Painting – Calavera

  • I really dig this painting. I love the scenery and the fact that he’s playing a geetar. When I look at it gives me a weird feeling inside hard to put into words. Maybe one day you’ll design me my tattoo…I’ll be sure not to hold my breath lol I’ve been waiting awhile…

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