Painting – Flower (two)

*** UPDATE August 11, 2008 – view post for more photos *** .Continuing with my Flower theme, here is another flower painting. This one turned out nicer than I envisioned. I was at first thinking about creating a black and white flower with a very strong background, but I didn’t like the results, so I went back and added some color. I’m really happy with the results. I think I’m finally learning how to blend colors. I’m also learning how to manage the amount of paint I squeeze out of the paint tubes. At fist I was throwing much of the unused paint away, but now I beginning to estimate the amount needed and whatever I have left over, I just add another coating. Check out the pics…

Painting Flower two sketch
Rough sketched. I think I’m getting lazier on the sketches

Painting Flower Two begin painting
I take a little longer sketching the image on the canvas. I don’t really like using pencil here because it smudges all over when I apply paint. I will figure this one out later.

Painting Flower Two red coat of paint
First coating of red is applied, then I decide what other colors would look okay as decorations.

Painting Flower Two White paint
Next I add white to the flower and stem. This is to have a nice solid color to work on, and its easier to add paint on top of white.

Painting flower two drying oil
I thought I was finished here, so I set it and let it dry (set it and forget it jeje).. but I ended up not liking it much

Painting Flower two added colors
So I decided to add some color. much better huh.

Painting Flower two close up
close up of the painting. I like using other colors to create swirls (see the red part).

Painting Flower Two completed on wall
And here is the final piece.

*** Update August 11, 2008 ***

A year after completing this painting, I decided it was too flat and needed some changes. I added darker swirls to give it more depth. I also added a glossy coating for an added fresh-paint effect. See the final results:

Flower swirls painting
Decided it was too light and added dark swirls. At first I thought it was too dark, but the more I added the more it stood out.

Flower Painting
Close-up of the flower, I added extra coatings of blue, white and red to allow for better blending.

Flower Painting glossy
After letting the painting dry for a few days, I sprayed a finishing laquer coating. This gives the painting a fresh-paint look. It also provides an extra coating of protection against the light and any other damages.

flower two painting swirls on wall

The final piece on the wall. I paint the side edges too so it looks nicer when the painting is not framed.

hope you like it. Till next time.

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  • WAW!! u r an AMAZING artist, the final result looks much better than when it was a painting with simple colouring. i LOVE the use of colour, i wish i could paint like that 🙂

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