Painting – Fish (eye) Underwater

FishEye makes yet another appearance in one of my paintings. This painting was started about a year ago, before I moved. It started as a quick sketch and turned into a larger piece (16″ x 20″). While sketching and outlining the drawing, I was undecided on the size of the “fish eye”. I kept going back and forth on the canvas, and finally decided to make it much smaller than the original sketch. For this painting I wanted to use a single dominant color instead of using various colors. I still wanted to make it bright, but keep it within one color range. The final piece came out ok. I think it could have used other colors, but I’m still happy with the results.

fish eye underwater sketch drawing
This is the original sketch for this painting.  It took only a few seconds to do, but the painting took over a year to complete (mostly because I needed to get back to painting)

fish eye underwater watercolor sketch
This is the first layer of paint on the canvas. This is where I decide where the objects are going to be placed and what colors will be used.

fish underwater color painting
The first sketch looks a lot like watercolors, I try to use a light coating so the lines can be easily changes if I’m not happy with the placement. You can see some of the lines have been modified.

fish eye underwater sketch painting
Close-up of the sketch. At this stage I dilute the oil paint as much as possible (with paint thinner) and begin to mark the lines and shadows.

fish painting large oil paint
I began to apply a second layer of paint. I was still very undecided on the size of “Fish Eye”.

fish eye painting final coating oil paint
This is about the third layer of paint. I decided to eliminate most of the blue and use green as the dominant color for the whole painting.

painting drying on wall
This is the completed piece drying up. It takes about 5 days to dry. I decided to use the swirl effect I used on my previous painting.

fish eye painting close up underwater
I added a coat of spray-on laquer to the painting. The glossy finish adds a nice gloss and contrast to the painting.

underwater painting oil
Another close up of the painting. This is one of the tentacles of the plant. Not sure what king of plan it is. I made it up.

fish_eye underwater final painting
This is the final piece. I need to frame it and hang it on my wall. I think the size of the “fish eye” worked out. The painting will look good if placed in a room where the colors will complement the painting.

Hope you enjoyed the painting. Total hours spent.. hmm I have no idea, but if I had to guess, about 10 hours.

8 thoughts on “Painting – Fish (eye) Underwater

  • Hi,
    I really like both of your “fish eye” paintings. I want try something similar to them, but i was wondering what brand of oil paints you used.


  • Hi Drake, Thanks. I don’t really know the brand I use. I just recommend you keep going back to your paintings and see how else you can improve them. The ones I revisit are the ones I like the most. Usually I’ll work on one for a few days, then put it away and come back to it after a few weeks, then do another layer, and do the process again every other week. After a few months (I know, its a lot of work) I have a painting I’m happy with. good luck

  • Loved it. Im a big fan of waves, swirls and tendril art and have done many of those. Keep painting…. for you can never rest till done.

  • You wouldn’t happen to have a pencil version of that fish right cus I saw I picture like your fish on google and actually really wanted a pencil one like that for my room :)) if you do; great would you mind sending me an e-mail, if you don’t; then someones copying your work…

  • I love your paintings. They are very amazing. I am only 13 and very decisive with my own art. I don’t know wether to leave it the way it is or to paint a new painting over it. What do i do about that?

  • Hi Mathew, I would recommend you continue to make improvements on the existing painting, not start a new one. Keep adding layers, details, and try color variations. Let it sit for a few days then go back to it. Sometimes it takes a few days to realize the potential of the painting. Looking back I think I could have done some things differently on this painting, but I’m happy enough with the final result. Good luck on your next project, please share some of your paintings.

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